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Conni’s family owned a grain elevator, and she has spent many years diversifying her knowledge of animal husbandry. Conni makes goat cheese, yogurt, lotion and soap.  She is currently working on plans to learn how to spin wool in order to use the wool from their sheep.

Jim grew up on a farm in southern Iowa. 

Growing up Jim helped his dad and grandpa with various animals and farming chores such as mowing, raking, and baling hay.  He fixed lots of fences and flood gaps on the hilly farms.  He became well versed at taking care of sheep, hogs, cows and horses.

After high school he pursued a degree in science and graduated from the University of Minnesota, Duluth, with a doctorate in Interdisciplinary Archaeological Studies.  This mouthful for him was a blending of Geology and Archaeology.  In studying ancient archaeological sites, he used his in background in farming to form interpretations of the vegetation history of the sites.

In the 80’s and 90’s, while not on a farm, they raised a huge garden in the unfriendly climate of Duluth, Minnesota.  In Duluth they learned more about soil and climate and the challenges faced trying to grow produce away from the great soil and climate in Iowa.  Finally, they decided to move back to Iowa to be closer to their families and to start a new adventure with their three girls on a small acreage in northeast Iowa.

In 2002, a trip to the county fair started the journey back to farming.  Their youngest daughter, who was 8, saw some rabbits for sale and had to have one so she could show it the next year.  Since one girl wanted one, of course the 2 older girls wanted a rabbit too and that was the beginning.  Over the years they added chickens and ducks, then a couple of pigs, and then more pigs, goats and sheep.  Their small acreage was overflowing with heritage hogs, rare Iowa Blue chickens and other more “normal” livestock.  The goal from the beginning was to:

  • raise livestock humanely 

  • as naturally as possible 

  • while leaving the land in better shape than it was before

  • to make healthful food for their family and others.

One year, the youngest daughter brought back a t-shirt from the national FFA convention that read, My Backyard Feeds America.  By 2019 Jim and Conni realized it was time to get a bigger backyard so they decided to move back to Jim’s grandpa’s farm where they had originally lived as newlyweds over 40 years ago.  

Now on their 80 acres they raise Red Wattle and American Guinea Hogs, Jacob and other breeds of sheep, dairy and meat goats, and cattle. In addition, they also raise meat rabbits, ducks, geese, chickens, guineas and other types of poultry. 


Their goal is still to treat animals well, give them good lives, and create healthful and tasty food for their family and the public.  They are very thankful they have the opportunity to cherish and protect land that has rarely been tilled and still has the wonderful topsoil deposited over millennia.  From the goat milk, Conni makes goat cheese, yogurt, lotion and soap.  She is hoping to learn to spin in order to use the wool from their sheep.

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